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A movement of socially responsible TEEN girls pledging to use their voice for positive change!

Whether you are crusading against bullying in your school, feeding the homeless, starting a recycling program in your neighborhood, or helping to build wells in Africa for clean drinking water, there are a MILLION ways to change the world for the better!

So, let your voice be heard! Tell us about your VOLUNTEER work and how you are GIVING BACK.

The female voice is strong. It can empower a MOVEMENT.

You are one girl, with one voice - a million-strong, we ARE making a difference!

Shaun Robinson

One Girl, One Voice Movement ~ Founded by Shaun Robinson

Emmy-award winning journalist, television personality, producer, and author, Shaun Robinson has covered Hollywood as host of the entertainment show, Access Hollywood. She has appeared in film and television shows and has been honored as the recipient of Dove's Real Beauty Award. Shaun sits on the national board of Girls Inc. Her book, "Exactly As I Am" on girls and self-esteem inspires girls to believe in themselves and DREAM BIG!

Exactly As I Am ~ Share Your Story and Win Shaun's Book!

Through this rich tapestry of voices, women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds explore how to stay grounded and develop positive self-esteem, something Robinson calls "the ticket to freedom and making your dreams come true." They also discuss the importance of mentors and friends, being able to laugh at oneself, and giving back to others. The collected wisdom of shared experiences in Exactly As I Am is designed to give every girl and woman the opportunity to dream big, stay strong, and remain true to oneself.

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Exactly As I Am